Founded in 1966, FRANKLIN CONSULTORA S.A. is an Argentina based consultancy company with headquarters in Buenos Aires and offers global engineering services for civil and hydraulic works, electrical energy, transport and roadways, industrial facilities, oil and petrochemical, agronomy, development planning & economic and financial studies. Its interdisciplinary team combines professionals from diverse specialities of engineering and other disciplines. FRANKLIN dedicates special attention in proving solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of our planet.

FRANKLIN was ranked third in the 1980 and 1981 billing ranking on a total of 77 consultancy companies in Argentina, in a survey carried out in 1982 by CEPAL - Economic Commission for Latin-America, under the authority of the U.N. Entitled "Argentina Consultancy Services - local offer and the exporting experience". It currently maintains its position among the leading firms on its field.

FRANKLIN is a founding member of the Argentinian Chamber of Engineering Consultants and is registered in the records of the Inter-American Bank of Development and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.